In 1999 we built a neighborhood of 142 houses for our workers, employees, and associate producers. In 2000 we opened a childcare center where the mothers could leave their children under the care of professional assistance during their working hours. Also in 2000 we built Villa Alegre Elementary School for the children of our workers and neighbors. Villa Alegre had the country’s highest quality standards where, for seven years, we educated almost 150 children with state-of-the-art pedagogic systems. Every day, the students received a mid-morning snack with milk and a nutritious lunch at noon, besides all their school materials.

Unfortunately, besides the exceptional and uninterested support provided by Lyon Button from New York, who embraced the educational project, our own resources proved to be insufficient and, thus, we were forced to transfer the school to the Government in 2008.

At present, 100% TRAFINO S.A.’s corporate capital is in the hands of each and every worker. Therefore, all of the members are committed to the company, teamwork and high level of responsibility.

TRAFINO devotes 10% of the company’s profit to a “social-environmental aid fund.”



Isn’t this worth protecting?

A FACT, A PROBLEM: Deforestation and Global Warming.
AN ALTERNATIVE: Allow forest inhabitants to live on what the forest produces.

Trafino has sound social and environmental values. We created FOREVER LUNG, an NGO devoted to promote and support a sustainable collection of the TAGUA nut, protect the tropical forests where the TAGUA palm grows wild and improve the quality of life of the communities and artisans that participate in the value chain.

The Ecuadorian Ministry of Environment granted Trafino the “Distintivo Iniciativa Verde” (“Green Initiative Award”) for promoting the conservation of rainforests.

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