In the tropical forests of a small, beautiful South American country, a native wild palm (Phytelephas aequatorialis) produces a magic nut called TAGUA. Ecuador is the only country in the world that produces and exports tagua blanks, raw material to make the most amazing buttons and the TAGUA Natural White Exfoliant.

It all starts with a romantic story

The Male and Female tagua palms celebrate
their love in the forest.
At 15 years of age the female produces
the first tagua nuts in a large infructescence
called “mococha”.

Once ripe, the mococha falls naturally to ground and opens

The nuts are collected by local
communities the true forest guardians -
without causing environmental impact.
This activity is the sustenance of
forests and families.

The Tagua nuts are dried in the sun

in large patios for 2 months as part
of the process.

Artisans get the nuts from the communities

And, through a 100% manual process
turn them into blanks, a tradition
with more than 150 years of history.

Button manufacturers around the world turn the blanks into works of art to embellish the most amazing collections
Have a work of art on your clothes while helping nature.

From forest

To catwalks

The tagua nut is also the raw material of the TAGUA Natural White Exfoliant, an alternative to replace plastic microbeads that pollute our oceans.
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